Name Jason Kevin Doyle
Date of Birth 6 October 1985
Place of Birth Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Place of Residence Norwich, Norfolk, UK
Height 5'10''
Education Hunter Sports High School
Status Engaged to Emily
Family Kevin (Dad), Gail (Mum), Hayley (Sister)
Current Teams Swindon Robins (Britain), Falubaz Zielona Gora (Poland), Rospiggarna Hallstavik (Sweden), Grindsted (Denmark)
Mechanics Dave Haynes (SGP and Europe), Johno Birks (SGP and Europe), Mark Seabright (UK), Sam Haynes (SGP)
Started Racing Aged 3
Best Achievement Qualifying for the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series
Worst Injury Torn rotator cuff (missed the 2009 European season)
2016 Goals Stay fit and healthy and enjoy of all my racing.
Career Ambitions Enjoy my racing career until I retire whilst staying fit and healthy.
Favourite Track Oaktree Arena, Somerset, UK
Favourite SGP Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, Australia
Sporting Heroes Jason Crump and Mark Webber
Hobbies Motocross and the gym
Favourite Sport Speedway
Favourite Music RnB
Favourite Movies Longest Yard and The Hangover
Favourite TV Show 24 Hours in A+E
Favourite Food Lamb Cutlets with Vegetables
Favourite Drink Strawberry Milkshake
MCS Joker Machine MR Pool G May Burnside Prodig Motorex Invek Chapple Encon A B Race Cruisers The Oaktree J G Sport Sharp